• All workouts are timed. You will know the duration of each workout before you begin. Whether you have 5 minutes or 30, TFS has options for you to fit-in some fitness. Get a Free Online Interval Timer HERE, or download a free phone app.
  • Minimal Equipment: I will never use more than 3 pieces of equipment per workout. I want to minimize set-up time as much as possible. In general, you can expect to use some type of weight (cater it to what you have), a mat, and one other piece of affordable equipment (stability ball, a heavier or lighter weight, bench/step, etc.)
  • Modifications: I am a firm believer in catering a workout to all levels. Each workout demonstrates how to increase and decrease intensity, and low-impact options. Plus, by using a timed format, you pick the pace.


Equipment needed: 1 heavy weight (dumbbell or kettlebell), a mat, a timer

VACATION WORKOUT: Hotel Room Friendly

Equipment needed: A bench or something you can step-up onto (coffee table, couch, edge of the bed).hotel room workout


All workout quickies are first posted on my Instagram. Stay up-to-date by following me @thefitswitch.

4 exercises each. Choose your format.

  • 5-Minute Option: 35 seconds per exercise, no rest, 2 rounds = 4:40 minutes. Option: add 20 second rest between rounds to make it exactly 5 minutes.
  • 10-Minute Option: 40 seconds per exercise/10 seconds rest between each, 3 rounds = 10:00 minutes. Add more time if you want additional rest between rounds. Try to keep rest between rounds under 90 seconds.
  • 15-Minute Option: 45 seconds per exercise/10 seconds rest between each, 4 rounds = 14:40 minutes. Add more time if you want additional rest between rounds. Try to keep rest between rounds under 90 seconds.
  • A.M.R.A.P. As Many Rounds As Possible: Each workout includes a rep number that can be used for an AMRAP format workout (or choose your own amount of reps). To do an AMRAP, set a timer for your chosen time (5 min, 8 min, 10 min, etc), and complete as many rounds as you can within that time, performing the specific amount of reps per exercise, doing each exercise back to back, until that timer dings or chimes or honks or cheers. Whatever sound, it’s sweet victory.


  1. Heel Touchers, V-Ups, alternate. (AMRAP rep option: 10) Modification – legs stay down
  2. Hi-Plank Single Leg Donkey-Kick, Knee to Elbow, right side (10). Modification- on knees
  3. Supermans, bent arms w/ hands under chin
  4. Hi-plank single leg donkey-kick, knee to elbow, left side. Modification – on knees

 I’d Rather Be At The Beach Workout. Full-Body, No Equipment

  1. Dive Bomber (AMRAP rep option: 5) Modification – on knees
  2. Surfer Jumps (10) Modification – pivot instead of jump, or jump 90 degrees instead of 180.
  3. Crab Switch Kicks (20) Modification – step-kick instead of switch kick
  4. 3 Squat Pulses, 1 Volleyball Block (10) Modification – replace jump with a high-reach

Inner & Outer Thighs, w/a Push-Up Variation

  1. Side Lunge w/Jump, right side. (AMRAP rep option: 15) Modification – replace jump w/knee tap
  2. Squat Cross Jack, alternate front foot. (20) Modification – step across, alternate sides
  3. Side Lunge w/Jump, left (15) Modification – replace jump w/knee tap
  4. Pendulum Push-Up – (10) Modifciation – on knees



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