5 People I Want To Workout With

It’s time for The Fit Dish Link-Up!  Every Tuesday, bloggers share all things fitness.  I typically have about 20 or so platefuls (blog posts), but luckily getting stuffed on fitness is inspiring, not bloating.  Hurrah. ; )  Can’t say the same about my eating this weekend.  I tell ya, I just WANTED to be bad, and I was, and now I am not feeling so well.  Bah. But, ya know, an occasional over-the-top weekend just reminds me how eating healthy makes me feel better and think brighter. I thought I was rewarding myself by making consecutive unhealthy choices, but it wasn’t rewarding at all. I feel bleck.  Live and relearn!florence oregon

Um, I had two junior scoops, plus taffy, plus food-truck tacos, plus plenty more that will remain a mystery. But honestly, my mind has been a mess.  What you eat, affects everything, even how you think.  So, learn from my weekend, and exercise a little more balance than I did, for your body and mind’s sake. Lil Fit Switch tip ; ) Unhealthy food saps your energy and your motivation.  Aaaaaaaa-men!  Ok….onto today’s main course.

5 people you would like most to workout with or be trained by

My top ultimate workout buddies/trainers are all very different, but all would make me ecstatic to workout with. Well really, I would just love to hangout with these people, but they love working out too, and working out is ultimate bonding time, so, we would naturally workout together. Ta da.

Jillian Michaels

I love Jillian’s attitude.  I have read all her books. She is loving, and she gets to the heart of things very quickly.  In my eyes, she is an expert at finding the root of people’s motivation or what’s holding them back, and exposing it. Her mother was a psychotherapist, and she had a tough childhood, but it has helped her better understand people, and how to help them.
In a ideal world where it wouldn’t be awkward, I would love to have a therapy session with her, because I know if I talked to her for about 15 minutes, she could narrow down what I really want and why, and them explain how to get there. She could cut past all the baloney that I let get in my way, clear the road, and give me an honest, realistic map of what it would take to get there.  She wouldn’t sugarcoat it.
So Jillian, you and I would have a mental workout.  Then, have fun doing a crazy circuit together that def involves your rock star jumps.
Photo cred: http://bostinno.streetwise.co/2014/06/26/jillian-michaels-to-leave-biggest-loser-for-good

Kam Niskach from Kamz Jamz Fitness

Kam is a friend of a friend I met on Facebook last year, which made us friends. Hurrah for social media. This lady shares so much fitspiration it’s insane, and she’s always upping her game.  She shares short vids of her workout classes, Kam Jamz, that leave me anxious to go to Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh?  Seriously?  For you, Kam, YES!  lol.  She is on fire, and I love seeing her succeed.  I would just bask in her glow, and get cray with her ridic moves.  Plus, she does cool TRX handstands that I really want to learn, oh, and walking handstands with shoulder taps. Thanks for all you do, lady!

Kam is on the left, and my friend and bosslady, Ellen, is in the middle. Plenty of studliness goin’ on.  Which means the lady on the right must be awesome too. : )

Find here on Facebook, and Instagram @kamjamz

Chelsea  Knight

I started following Chelsea on Instagram this summer, and her yoga vids always leave me inspired and relaxed, and uh…envious.  Oh, do to a handstand and then do the splits.  WOW.  She also shares her superfood meals too, hello power smoothie expert.  GORG. Plus, she is just real, beautiful, and…
Here’s the cool part, she lives in Eugene and runs the yoga studio, Hard Core Yoga.  Once I am 100% healed, I am booking it to her class. I can’t believe I have waited so long.  I have so much respect for her opening her own studio, and it is a stunning space.  I am really looking forward to getting to know her better.
Find her Facebook, and follow her Instagram @chelseaknightyoga

Lisa From BodyRockTv

Pretty sure I found Lisa on Pinterest.  She helped me shed the baby weight, as I followed her workout videos in my garage, like here. Her whole being is brimming with fitness-love, honestly, she is fitness personified. She justs LOVES all things fitness and health, and can’t imagine NOT loving them. She uses her holiday (vacation) to get fitter. Plus, her British accent is so much fun to listen to.  I would LOVE to do a workout with her, but luckily I can imagine, because she has tons of free vids. Her workouts are so effective, I love them!


Dolvett Quince

Um, because his voice is so warm, he’s super friendly, and his smile is so big, bright and white I could get lost in its abysmal glow.  Aw, I am floating in light! lol. Whoa, sorry to look at your smile so long…..it’s just so mesmerizing.  Seriously, that smile could be used for hypnosis.  Who needs a frickin’ pocket watch?!
But really, after watching him on The Biggest Loser, he just has a big heart, and he doesn’t fear a tough workout. I LIKE tough workouts, but I have noticed, not many people do. I am one of those Type-A exercisers, that can get a little frustrated if it’s too easy, or I feel like I didn’t give it my best.  I feel AMAZING when I lay it all out, and go home knowing I couldn’t have done better.  I would love to pick his brain, and feed off his focus and positivity.

Anyone who loves to laugh and workout

As lovely as it would be to workout with these people, I don’t undervalue the people I get to see more often.

If someone is happy to workout, I am ecstatic, and I am drawn to them like a magnet!  Yep, I am a total sucker for workout fans.  Many of my friends are group fitness instructors, and I LOVE taking their classes because they really bring it, and they are  a joy to be with – their passion shows, and it is infectious. I feel blessed to know them and workout with them.

Who would you love to workout with?

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51 Responses to 5 People I Want To Workout With

  1. I would definitely join you for one of Kam’s classes. Her energy is absolutely contagious!! Most of these are new-to-me trainers but I definitely love what I see, specially that mesmerizing smile! Ha! I agree with your last choice. Whoever says working out is no fun hasn’t REALLY met all those crazy-pants-trainers who truly can rock out a fitness party! 😉 xx

    • Elsie, AMEN. I love thinking of fitness as a party, it’s completely true if you make it that way! And, a rocking instructor makes it SOOO fun. My soul cycle class was like a concert, with the people moving together, all jammed packed in the dark with the lights. It was awesome. Personally, I liked it BETTER than a concert. Man, I want to go back!!! Thanks for appreciating Dolvett. haha. : )

    • Kams not only a long time friend of mine, but my coach and instructor. Her classes are infectious filled with energy and love. At 58 yrs young Kam has opened a door for me which I walked thru. Lost almost 30 lbs with Shakeology, Refresh and PiYo. Now a certified instructor myself, Kam has impacted and gave hope to alot of people who didnt think it was possible. I watch her workout as every muscle is shaking in her body. She does everything with class, grace and 100%, and that includes friendships. I see giant things in Kams future, she deserves it. Well worth a trip to the burgh, or a Facetime workout at her class.

      • Cynthia, I absolutely loved reading this, thanks so much for sharing! Sounds like you are both amazing people! What an incredible journey you’ve been on; keep it up! I love that she gives 100% in everything, that is so encouraging. And the Burgh is calling my name!!! : ) I am feeling the infectious energy already. Such a pleasure to meet you, Cynthia! Take care, and hope to get to know you better!

    • I agree, it would be incredible to workout with our blogging friends. Really, we have developed amazing relationships, but, we all live far apart. BUMMER. I feel like I have so many friends, but then in person, I don’t hang out with that many people. haha. I am excited to read the posts! I am off to do it now. YAY!

  2. Jillian Michaels crossed my mind but sometimes she scares me! :) She is very motivating but can be a little much for me. Love her workout DVDs!

    I’m definitely with you in this: Anyone who loves to laugh and workout! A workout class with the #fitfam would be the best!

    • I completely agree with a #fitfam workout! Ahhhh. I can’t imagine how much energy would be in that room! And no worries about the Jillian scariness. lol. I do kind of wonder what she would call me out on. Hmmmm….I might try answering that. haha. Thanks Amy!

    • Shaun T!!! I teach Insanity, but I don’t have the actual Insanity DVDs. It’s kind of sad that I haven’t really seen him in action, with his workout. I am really curious about his hip hop abs! But, I know I love his fun personality!

  3. I’ve got Jillian on my list too! She is super motivating! I will have to check out Chelsea Knight on Instagram. I enjoy following new yogis as they inspire me by their cool poses.

    • Yay for Jillian. I just like her. Some people don’t, and that’s okay, but I DO. : ) Yes, Chelsea’s IG is very inspiring, beautiful, and stunning. I love her yoga vids!!! I often see yoga photos on IG, but not many vids, so it’s super cool.

  4. anyone who loves to laugh and workout! ME! I made it onto your list!

    p.s. vacation eating always messes with me too. I’m trying to mentally prepare for my trip to Vegas next week. Do not eat all the food! Do not eat all the food! We shall see what happens…

    • Pragati, you’re definitely on my workout list! WOOHOO! Hurrah for Vegas! Vacation eating is tricky, but the things that work best for me, when I do them, is staying really busy with fun stuff (crowding out the overeating) and drinking plenty of water, especially before meals. But, I know you’ll do great. And, have fun! How exciting! : )

  5. I LOVE Jillian & I knew I would want to put her 5 times so I knew my blog post about this wouldn’t be very interesting ;).

    Girl, my food journey is a roller coaster too. The good thing is we give ourselves grace & move on. Besides, you look darn cute eating those treats & we all know you’ll work off the calories this week through your energetic spirit & workouts.

    • 5 times for Jillian. Woot! : ) Thanks for the food journey experience. Yes, sometimes my food noise is very quiet, it’s so easy to eat healthy, and then sometimes, it runs amuck, and I purposely want to eat bad, and ignore all my hunger cues. So weird. What the heck?! LOL. Maybe a journal session would help me figure it out. But, give grace and move on, is a great way to go about it! Thanks!

  6. this was a fun post! Jillian Michael’s scares me a bit- does she ever smile? LOL! Cool choices, most I am not familiar with! I am looking forward to meeting all my blogger friends one day, some where, some place :) then I will just try to keep up!

    • LOL, Mary Beth, I never thought about the smiling Jillian thing. AHaha, good point. It is a bit rare. I completely agree about meeting all the blog friends one day…wow…how crazy awesome would that be? We would be so noisy and excited!! The Fit Dish really is like a party every week, but, we’re all just in front of our computers, peering in. Oh, to be in person. #someday : )

    • Jamie Eason, I forgot! Good one. Her physique is insane. I love Chalene, and for some reason I haven’t been following her stuff very much, which is silly, because she is inspiring, and makes me feel like I can do anything. And Jillian, gotta love her. : ) Good ones, Kate!

    • Kaella, I have been thinking about you!! I think we’re practically the exact same age, and yes, that sounds completely stalker-ish of me. haha. I am feeling great, but definitely missing running and jumping. UGGG….getting a little frustrated now, but almost there. And heck yes, a workout together would be amazing!

  7. All these people look amazing! I can see where you’d want to hang with them! I do get to work out with Jillian Michaels at Idea World this year..yeah for me – I’m super excited. We got to meet her last year.

    • Oh Diane…Jillian is there again this year?! Aw man, I had kind of cast off the thought of going, but now, shoot, it has to be back on the table. Thanks for letting me know. Don’t know how I am going to pull it off. Eeeek. lol. I bet that was unforgettable last year! I might just message you about it. : )

  8. I would absolutely love to work out with Jillian. She would kill me! It would be so awesome! Doing PiYo with Chalene would be so cool!! And Jenell Summers, she rocks! Those muscles! Love it! But the people I want most to work out with are some of the fitness pages I follow. They are not celebrities, but they are super inspiring!

    • Such a great list, Jammie, and I completely agree about the non-celebrity people. There are so many voices out there that inspire the crap out of me. I also think we’re so lucky with the instructors we have around here! Great hearing from you! I am sure we’ll be in a class together sometime SOON! And how awesome it will be!

  9. This was such a fun post! :] Your mention of bodyrock reminds me–I think it’d be really awesome to work out with Zuzka (formerly of bodyrock.tv)! <3

    It'd be super awesome to get to meet up with the fitfam someday to work out with them too! :]!

    • ZUZKA! SHe is great too, and I think she might have the world’s most amazing body. I need to do more of her workouts and get to her know her better. SHe has a very calming affect. lol…that sounds weird, but it’s true. And amen to a fitfam workout. We could all take turns leading…I HAVE TO see your hula moves! : )

      • haha, she really does (both the calming affect + amazing body)! From all the videos I’ve seen her in, she seems super sweet! :] A fitfam workout would be all sorts of awesome! <3 I'd love to learn from others, and hula + Tahitian are both so much fun! 😀

        • I agree, Zuzka seems super sweet. And, the accent, I mean, it’s awesome. I have watched a few of her vlogs, and I love just listening to her talk and be so relaxed and simplify things. Yeah, you have a lot to teach, with so many fitness skills! Do you have a video of you on your blog doing any dancing? I would love to watch it!

          • hehehe, I have a couple unlisted somewhat shaky videos (I enlisted enthusiastic friends <3 ) on youtube that I used to share with my family, and there's also the more legit version on my school's youtube account where they edited out the cheering and whistling and did some super fancy zoom-in/zoom-out stuff! Any preference ? 😛

          • Oh sweet! I really get to see them!? Ok, whichever one you like the best really. Ya know, if you have a favorite move you do in one etc…that would be perfect. AHHH. Excited!

    • That is so cool that you met her, I bet that was life changing. I need a killer workout right now. haha. I love her attitude! : ) Thanks Lori!

    • Thanks Sam! It’s great to hear from you! Happy to meet a bodyrock fan! I am anxious to get one of her vids in too…so good! Can’t wait to get the go-ahead from the ol’ doc! Goin’ cray. lol

    • Yes yes Courtney! LOL. How heavenly would that be, right? He is so positive, warm, and just chill. We’d be puddles by the end of that workout. haha

    • Yes indeed she is, and I love her for it! LOL. So happy you enjoyed it Wendy! Loved the thoughtfulness of your post, you have some amazing role models and thanks for sharing!

  10. Great list! I would love to work our with jillian Michaels, but I think i am a little too wimpy :) I have used body rock in the past , they sure know how to bring it! Thanks for creating this kickbutt link up!!

    • Thanks Jennifer! You are not too wimpy at all, you are fierce! Yes, I love a good body rock session, especially when I keep score and beat my times. That’s when I do my very best, and it feels good!

  11. Man, I had a brain fart trying to think of people, but then reading everyone’s posts, I suddenly remember people and names. lol Great picks! I would love to work out with Jillian! She’d hurt me. lol

    • No worries, Melanie, brain farts are totes normal. haha. I never really thought of Jillian as hurting people, just uh…pushing them to new levels. tehe. Love your sense of humor Melanie!

  12. We just spent the weekend out of town and my husband and I were commenting on how crappy we feel after eating out for several meals in a row. It really does affect everything! Thanks for hosting the Link-up! *I plan to join in today even though I’m a day late!

    • Megan, it’s the truth. 1 meal isn’t bad, I feel pretty normal, but start piggybacking other heavy and sugary things, and the body just isn’t running on full force! And no worries about being a day late! I always love reading your posts! Take care.

  13. Oooo, I think I have a serious woman crush on Chelsea! I envy yoga peeps. Maybe someday I’ll be able to do ACTUAL yoga & not just something that loosely resembles yoga. Ha!

    • Aimee, lol, I am a total yoga resembler too! I love the beauty in the photos, but even being a resembler feels great! : )

    • Nice to meet you Jezz! Welcome welcome. Yes, I love these trainers, and not just because they would deliver a great workout, but because they would help me become a better person. They are so inspiring. : )

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